Law Enforcement

Crime Victims Council partners with local law enforcement, community, and faith based groups. Rev. Sandra Lydick is a member of Clergy and Police Alliance (CAPA), a coalition of pastors who work in partnership with the police department to serve the citizens of Tarrant County.

United States Crime Facts

  • A hate crime is reported to police every 55 minutes
  • Someone is murdered every 31 minutes
  • Someone is killed in an alcohol related crash every 31 minutes
  • Someone is raped every 2.7 minutes
  • A woman is victimized by an intimate partner every 1.4 minutes
  • A man is victimized every 6.7 minutes
  • An elderly person is victimized every 2.7 minutes
  • A child is reported abused or neglected every 36 seconds
  • A home is burglarized every 9.2 seconds
  • A person is assaulted every 7.2 seconds
  • A home is victimized by theft every 2.3 seconds
  • A person becomes a victim of identity theft every 9 seconds