Community Involvement

Crime respects no group or class or income or education or race or ethnicity. Even the innocent, those who are always safety conscious and morally good can become a victim of crime. Crime Victims Council works directly with victims assistance and law enforcement to bring help, hope, and healing to victims of crime. We seek to be a voice for those who often have no voice, who cannot speak because of fear, embarrassment, or lack of knowledge that they have the right to speak.

We believe all individuals have a spiritual part of their being. Crime Victims Council offers Pastoral Care to the community without regard to religious affiliation or beliefs. Even if you rarely thought about spirituality or your own faith before becoming a crime victim, you probably thought about it afterward. In trying to understand human acts beyond comprehension, you may have stretched yourself into realms previously unexplored. Where was God? How can a loving God allow such hurt?

Many survivors are confused and frustrated by God's apparent lack of intervention and protection. Friends, family, and even clergy sometimes say "religious" things that hurt more than help. In nearly every case, they mean well but may not understand that feeling better is simply not possible at first. All you really want is for them to join you in your suffering.

Here are a few suggestions.

  • Look for a person of faith who has had a similar experience to yours and ask how or if their faith has helped them during that situation.
  • Avoid people who give simple answers to complex questions. Their faith journey may be different from yours.
  • Find someone who can be comfortable with your lack of comfort, whether that be deep sadness, anger or rage, or other feelings.
  • Read the Psalms or Lamentations and write in a journal when they mean something to you.