Annual Interfaith Service

Crime Victims Council hosts an annual interfaith service held on the first Sunday of National Crime Victims Rights Awareness Week for victims, their families, friends and the community. The service is open to all victims of any crime and is an Interfaith Service of Help, Hope, and Healing. The first service was held on April 22, 2007. It was the first community wide service in Tarrant County to address victims' need for spiritual healing and support following acts of violence.

The April 13, 2008 service included Muslim, Christian, and Jewish participation. "The needs of victims transcend all divisions of age, race, gender, socio-economic conditions, and theology," Rev. Lydick says in training classes she provides for faith and community groups. "Even when we follow all the rules, observe caution and take measures to protect ourselves and our families, we can still be a victim of a crime. Even so-called minor crimes can be devastating."

The interfaith service includes prayers, music, scripture readings, victim speakers, an opportunity for victim names to be read or spoken. Victims or a family member or friend will be given a remembrance gift. Information tables provide resources for victims to assist in their healing. These include victim assistance agencies, grief counselors, law enforcement safety officers, hate crime prevention, and child advocates. Refreshments are served.

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